FAQ's for AWP - WordPress Maintenance Service Plans

Here are some FAQ's about AWP - WordPress Maintenance Service Plans that we come across most of the time if your query is not below then use the chat feature on our main website to get in touch with us or call us helpline numbers.

Do you offer Free Hosting with AWP Plans?
Yes, We do offer free Web Hosting with every AWP plan with Dedicated RAM of 4 GB and a Quad Core CPU of 20 GB space. However it's not mandatory to buy Hosting from us, if you already have a Hosting plan and want to use existing service, then we will deduct $10  every month from the standard price. 

What kind of backup solutions do you offer with AWP Plans?
Every AWP Plan comes with licensed Bacupbuddy plugin which will be configured for backups. All backups will be stored locally or on Google Drive - you can provide us with Google Drive details or Buy drive storage space from us at just $1 per 100 GB. Drive Storage is cheapest in the WordPress Market. Alternatively, AWP customers can provide their own Google Drive, Dropbox credentials so that we can configure for scheduled backups to their respective drive Folders. 

What Kind of Security Measures do you take to secure WordPress?
We use third-party scanning services and also Licensed Security Pro plugin to secure WordPress, we also tweak your WP so that basic security measures are in place. We have no downtime policy, where any website hacked will be restored within 30 mins without having to lose any data or files, however in our 3 years WP jobs works, we never had a single site that was hacked while we were maintaining. 

Are there any additional costs?
No, There are no additional costs involved in AWP plans, whatever pricing you see is the final price. Only extra charges that you incur will be Drive Space (optional) at $1 per 100 GB.

What kind of drive space do you include?
We include Dropbox or Google Drive space. However, the client will not have access to these files directly. We will be providing them on request or upon any forseen data loses. All backups will be stored on our drive folders as long as you have an active subscription, once the subscription ends, we will keep all backups for 30 days from the day you cancel your subscription. After 30 days backups will be removed from our drive folders. Within these 30 days, you can request backups any time and will be delivered without any extra cost.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?
yes, we do, only when you have a problem with our services within 7 days from order date. If you have ordered the service and want to cancel for any security issues or compatibility issues we will refund your money, for any other reasons we do not offer a refund. As this service is a month to month billing service, we do not offer a refund in between the month or after 7 days refund period.

How many times do you offer migration service for free?
We offer 1 migration service for free in any given month, any additional migration are charged at $10 per migration.

What kind of premium resources do you offer for free?
We provide Premium WP themes, Drag and Drop Builders and also Premium Plugins that usually cost more than $50 per plugin or $500 for the whole resource of plugins and themes. All these resources come with lifetime updates and will be updated by us (Or you can too with a single click). None of these resources will be charged for you on any given day, once you cancel the service you would still get to keep them and also update them from your Dashboard for the lifetime.

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